Summer Reading Haiku Results & New Topic.

I've been kicking myself all morning because I'd meant to write a haiku about the soul-destroying Grapes of Wrath, but I procrastinated.  Too late now.  Sad.

Anyhoo, the winners:

MotherReader and CC got me with their Haiku Conversation about The Book Thief (Glad to know I'm not alone -- I haven't read it yet either, MR):

Five hundred pages
That is some big commitment
Is Book Thief worth it?

For MotherReader:
how many yeses are five
plus seven? oh, rats.

And Carrie Jones' Danielle Steele mention just cracked me up:

No, Mom. I cannot
Read one more Danielle Steele book.
I'm sick of lusting.

As I spent the better part of an hour gleefully jumping around the library after reading this news (more about the news that there's going to be another movie than the whole Heath Ledger thing, but whatever), your new topic is:  Batman. 

Mine is:

Hated George Clooney
for Batman and Robin, but
not really his fault.