Meg Rosoff interviewed at the Guardian.

From the Guardian:

She is focused and easy: bragging one moment, massively self-disparaging the next. Insecure. Warm. I like her so much I have to remind myself she is not a friend. I struggle to keep the interview from spilling into conversation. Rosoff is clear she does not need a 15-year-old boy to observe. Justin is inside her. But he is drawn from her 'adolescent' twenties and thirties. What was she like at 15? 'I was gawky, in a fat way. Not pretty, not pursued by boys. Very bright. Wildly enthusiastic about everything - books and life.' And, it later emerges, horses. (Her first 'practice novel' was entitled Horse Therapy. She still dreams of owning a white horse.) She read precociously. She studied philosophy. She 'fell in love' with Samuel Beckett.