Vamos a Cuba ordered back on school shelves.

From the Miami Herald:

A federal judge on Monday ordered all copies of Vamos a Cuba and 23 other children's books returned to Miami-Dade school libraries, hobbling the School Board's attempt to ban the controversial books.

In a sometimes scathing 89-page opinion, U.S. District Judge Alan Gold said the School Board ``abused its discretion in a manner that violated the transcendent imperatives of the First Amendment.''

His ruling was not final, but the preliminary injunction will apply while the American Civil Liberties Union and Student Government Association continue their lawsuit against the School Board. Depending on the board's response, that could be weeks or years.

Here's what I'm curious about:  How much money does this school district have to toss around?  Because the School Board said that they'd be willing to spend up to $25,000 on this -- is someone paying the lawyers privately, or is that tax money?  Cripes.  If our school district spent that much money trying to ban a book, the townspeople would be breaking out the tar and feathers.