This is a strange one.

In one corner we have the local favorite, Freedom-of-Speech.  In the opposite corner, we have the up-and-coming Freedom-to-Call-Down-Curses-Wherever-and-Whenever-You-Want.  (Which, by the way, seems like a mighty Christian thing to do.  Good going, Pastor Sabbath!)

From the First Amendment Center:

The incident occurred when Pastor John Sabbath of Liv-In Christ Christian Center in Chino got up to speak during this week's council meeting. Sabbath was upset that the city did not give funding to his organization after a request he made several years ago.

He said he was placing a curse on City Manager Greg Devereaux, Devereaux's wife and his family.

Anderson asked City Attorney John Brown to examine how city officials could stop speakers whose comments stray too far from city business. Brown said he believed it possible to do that without violating the First Amendment.

Most councils have rules of conduct to avoid time-wasters, etc.  The Ontario City Council probably just hadn't realized that they needed to specify "curses" on the Skip-It-While-We're-In-Session List.  Silly them.

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