When I was still working in Harvard Square, I had a problem. 

There was a Newbury Comics just across the street. 

Weekly, I'd freak out, stomp over and buy five or six CDs, stomp back to the store, and subject my boss to what he called "drunk twangy dead guys".

I just picked up the new Slaid Cleaves album, the new(ish) Neko Case album and a random Leonard Cohen album.  (I just needed a little more Leonard in my life.)

I just found out there's a new John Prine album out.  And a new Dave Alvin.

I am in SO much trouble.

PS.  I'll have you know, Dave, that all of the musicians I just mentioned are alive.  And as far as I know, not drunk.  Some of them might be a little twangy, though.

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