Poor old John Steinbeck.

He just can't get a break lately.

Of Mice and Men has been challenged in Tennessee:

From commercialappeal.com:

Although numerous attempts by the newspaper to reach Adair were unsuccessful, board members and its superintendent said his argument was based on the book's use of profane language, the subject matter and racial remarks.


"If the man proves to me what he said on the book was true, then I will be for banning it," said Robert Redditt.

Neither Redditt nor Adair have fully read "Of Mice and Men." Adair skimmed the book, according to Wilson, before he complained about its content.

However, Reed Barber, a board member, agreed the book should no longer be required reading at Fayette-Ware. Barber, who said he has read the book, referred to it as not containing "nice language" and inappropriate for "good learning."

And that's all they're looking for, folks.  "Good learning."