Harry Potter challenged in Georgia.

From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Mallory said she hasn't read any of the Potter books in their entirety. She read portions of a few of the books, she said, and was offended by descriptions of demonic activity.

"My personal religious views don't agree with these books," said Mallory, a missionary who moved to Gwinnett about two years ago. "We need for our children to read things that teach good morals. Harry Potter lies, cheats and steals, and there is no accountability. There are better things for our children to be reading."

Mallory first challenged the book in September at her children's school, saying the books glorified witchcraft.

"A missionary who moved to Gwinnett about two years ago."  A missionary for what?  Banning books?  Spreading the word about "dangerous" books?  Maybe she should start hanging out with Naomi Wolf.