Grand & Humble -- Brent Hartinger

I'm with Chrissy on this one. Describing the book would detract from the reading experience, so I'll just say this: Fans of his previous books, more The Last Chance Texaco than the other two, will definitely be very happy. (I say that because I found Grand & Humble and Texaco much more dramatic than the Russel books -- those are more understated.)  Fans of Gail Giles' psychological thrillers, Nancy Werlin's thriller/mysteries and fans of Graham McNamee's Acceleration will also dig it. 

And. This is Very Important. I didn't guess what the twist was until a few pages before it was revealed, which I think is very impressive. (Usually I'm right on top of these things. For real. I'm so smart that I knew what the twist in The Usual Suspects was going to be about fifteen minutes into the movie. Don't even get me going about The Sixth Sense. That one I figured out before I even SAW the movie. Sheesh. We're talking, like, super-genius smart.)

Now. Don't read the comments unless you've already read it, because I suspect that there will soon be spoilers.