A Northern Light and Hoop Dreams challenge.

From Twincities.com:

Some parents in this western Minnesota town want several books moved from the Prairie Wind Middle School library to the high school library because their content includes profanity, sexually explicit material and violence.

I find it especially amusing that the book challenge story is followed by one about a couple that wants to re-name their road 'Wisteria Lane'.  Because A Northern Light and Walter Dean Myers are so much more worrisome than people emulating Desperate Housewives.

(For those who haven't read A Northern Light, by the way, it's fabulous.  Beautifully written.  It'll make you want to go back and re-read the Dreiser novel.  Well.  That's what it did to me, anyway.  Before I worked here, I worked under a librarian in a public middle school -- where we had A Northern Light -- but she hated it.  She thought it was 'boring'.  I should have known then that nothing good was on the horizon.)

I found an article that's a bit more in-depth, including a full list of the challenged books:

From the Fergus Falls Journal:

A Northern Light
Why it was challenged: A graphic sex scene
Status at school: Removed from middle school, taken to high school

"To Kiss a Boy”, short story from the book 󈫽
Why it was challenged: Homosexual content.
Status at school: Committee reviewed, decided to keep in Middle School

Why it was challenged: High school describes situations where she is forced to have sex in public places
Status at school: Committee reviewed, decided to keep in middle school

Hoop Dreams (book based on award-winning documentary)
Why it was challenged: strong profanity and sexually explicit material
Status at school: committee decided should remain at middle school; Pankonin said she will appeal decision.

The Wrecker
Objectionable content: Violence
Status at school: committee reviewed, will remain at middle school

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
Why it was challenged: Sexually explicit description of rape of a young girl
Status at school: still under review

The Chocolate War
Why it was challenged: strong profanity and sexually explicit content
Status at school: still under review

Based on that list, it sounds like the challenged Hoop Dreams might actually be this book rather than the Walter Dean Myers, but that might be a mistake.  They got the title of The Wreckers wrong, so who knows?  (Ha.  You thought I was going to let that go, didn't you?)