From the Chicago Tribune (via Bookslut):

Boynton Beach -- The body of a former producer and co-writer of the popular Curious George books and cartoons lay under garbage bags for more than 24 hours until it was found early Tuesday morning in the driveway of his home, police and witnesses said.

Alan Shalleck, 76, was the writer and director of 104, five-minute episodes of Curious George, which aired on the Disney Channel. The episodes were adapted into 28 books. Shalleck co-wrote a series of books with Margret Rey, who created Curious George along with her husband more than 60 years ago.

Stay safe, all you current and former Monkey employees.  Now I'm all worried about everybody.  (I realize that Mr. Shalleck's death is probably unrelated to CG.  But I worry anyway.)

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