Super Duper Quickie Interview with Andrew Auseon.

From Harcourt Books:

ANDREW AUSEON lives in Baltimore, Maryland, and is a graduate of the Vermont College MFA in writing for children program. Funny Little Monkey is his first novel.

Andy was nice enough to flesh out that bare-bones bio:

Book Currently Reading:

The Reappearance of Sam Webber,” by Jonathon Scott Fuqua
The Pirates! In an Adventure with Ahab: A novel,” by Gideon Defoe

Cds Currently in Rotation:

I have always had an obsession with vintage radio shows, and right now I am enamored with the old mystery show, “Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar,” the adventures of “America’s fabulous freelance insurance investigator.” I am also cycling through a number of horror and science fiction programs, such as “Suspense,” “Inner Sanctum,” and “Mystery in the Air,” starring Peter Lorre, the lisping Hungarian. My audio preferences are like my board game preferences—I always like something better if it has a story.

Last Movie Viewed (and/or Will you be rooting for anyone specific at the Oscars?):

The last movie I saw was “The 40-Year-Old Virgin” on DVD. My wife and I have a new baby so we don’t get out much. I think we actually enjoyed the raunchy humor more because life has been all about fluffy pink things and lullabies lately.

Philip Seymour Hoffman should win every Oscar, including original song.  He has been America’s most underappreciated actor…that is, until now.

Literary Crush:

My literary crush for the last few years has definitely been M.T. Anderson. No one else in YA and children’s lit can produce work of such originality and make it seem so effortless. His work is critically acclaimed and successful yet he’s not out there constantly marketing himself like a lot of other writers. He’s smart-cool and humble-cool, which are the two coolest cools of all. Plus, he occasionally wears a bowtie.

Pet Peeve:

I can’t stand general rudeness as a way of life—cutting you off in a car, ditching you in line, talking too loud on a cell phone, that kind of thing. Other people exist. Deal with it.

Current Obsession:

I am finishing the draft of a new novel. I hate finishing things. If you’re out there, “Book,” I am coming for you.

Guilty Pleasures:

Two great evils: Double Stuf Oreos and a couple of truly smokin’ Playstation 2 games. I should totally be 500 pounds and lonely.

Favorite Word:

My favorite word is probably inappropriate for this website. I tend to find my favorites in obscure medical terminology, often because the sounds border on amusing gibberish. For example: “Glomerulus.” I mean, if I didn’t know better I’d guess that was a character on “Star Trek: Voyager.”