My pop culture freak-out of the day. (Sorry.)

I'm glad to know that the ladies at Go Fug agree with me on the Katie Holmes situation. 

There's a picture of her in the new People that is just depressing.  (For real.  I'm not saying you should go out and buy it or anything.  Just flip through it at the grocery store.  It's right at the beginning.  Actually, there's a similar one up at their website.) 

That is not the face of a happy mama-to-be.  The picture sparked a completely serious discussion with some of my co-workers about the Holmes/Cruise relationship and how sad it was and so on.  We "Poor Katie-d" for seriously fifteen minutes.  Well, maybe ten.

But for real.  Even Josh is upset about it, and he usually makes fun of me for my celebrity-news-obsession.  (Okay.  Upset might be a tad strong.) 

Tom Cruise is such a creep.

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