From The Guardian:

Enid Blyton, who was called "the 20th century Mother Goose", still reigns supreme this century. Yesterday adults voted her Famous Five series as their favourite books for children.


The Famous Five are a group of clean-living, well brought-up middle class children who take pride in being "jolly good sports". Their adventures, fuelled by their inexhaustible addiction to ginger beer, lemonade and sandwiches ("Oh goody, cucumber," said George), were dismissed as hopelessly outdated and irrelevant by librarians and others in the 1970s.

Remember that scene in The Goonies where Chunk tells that story about pouring a jar of vomit over the movie theater balcony and then he makes puking noises?  Yeah, well imagine me doing that right now.  I can't even begin to spell out my disgust.

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