I don't care what they say. There IS such a thing as bad press.

From The Boston Globe:

HARRISBURG, Pa. -- The image of a distinctive chocolate bar on the dust jacket of a new book about the founder of The Hershey Co. violates its trademark, the candy maker said in a federal lawsuit.

The company wants an injunction to prevent publisher Simon & Schuster Inc. from using Hershey-owned images to market ''Hershey: Milton S. Hershey's Extraordinary Life of Wealth, Empire, and Utopian Dreams," which is coming out next month.

See?  Now that just totally makes me want to avoid Hershey's products.  (And I'm in chocolate mode right now, so that's major.)  They could have just embraced it and said, "YEAH!  Our founder was CR-azy!  Buy our candy!"  That would have sold me.  Instead, they took the el-puke-o route.  Jerks.

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