A Very Good Hater -- Reginald Hill

This isn't part of the Dalziel/Pascoe series.  It's a stand-alone tale of accidental death, sketchy business deals, war crimes, romance and revenge.  Reginald Hill's prose is true-to-form:

"Hold on," said Goldsmith, suddenly full of guilt at his outburst.  A few drinks quickly brought out a latent sentimental vein in him.  Templewood might be an egotistical sexual obsessive who fancied himself as a detective, but there were strong bonds of experience holding them together.

So far, my favorite of his stand-alones is The Stranger House.  But this one was pretty fun.  Although I knew who the baddie was pretty early on, there were other plot lines that kept me guessing all the way through.  I've come to the conclusion that every Reginald Hill book is worth reading at least once.