Kinky Friedman: The Bookslut Interview.

Read it and fall in love all over again:

I’ve been telling people that I support prayer in schools, and I support gay marriage. There’s not another candidate you’ll ever talk to that supports both of those. And the reason is, the party dictates what they support. Real simple. They’re afraid to support anything like that. They think it’s political suicide. The reason I do support that is because I’m an independent. I see an issue I like, and I support it. They can’t even do that. That’s reason enough to vote for me right there. It’s not that you have to agree with me on everything, just know that I’m honest, and that the things that I advocate are the things that I advocate. And I’ll appoint the best people just because they’re the best people, not because they’re somebody’s roommate.

Yar!  Go Kinky!

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