Brent's response.


My book has been out for almost three years, sold tens of thousands of copies, received almost unanimously rave reviews, won many honors and is currently being adapted for the movies – and this is the first time I’ve ever heard this particular concern.

But I’ll concede that the superintendent may be sincere in objecting to this element of my book. And sure, not every school can or should stock every single book. That said, I don’t think that Internet scene is the real reason my book was banned.

According to Marge Ceccarelli, president of the Curtis PTA, the parents who complained were initially upset with the book because it would “turn straight kids into homosexuals.” Those parents compiled a long list of objections, only one of which the superintendent agreed with. But surely it was the book’s gay theme that led to this intense level of scrutiny.

Rock on, Brent!  You tell 'em.