HPIV - The Movie.

I don't have a whole lot to say about it:

Even with a snake nose, Ralph Fiennes looks like Ralph Fiennes.  (To some of us, he also looks like Liam Neeson).  He made a decent Voldemort, though.

Cedric's death was perfect.  Miranda Richardson as Rita Skeeter was fantastic.  I wish they hadn't cut so much of that plot line.

I loved the entrances of the other schools.

Fred and George continue to be adorable.

More than the other three, this movie was geared towards people who've read the books.  My sister's boyfriend hasn't, and he asked her questions throughout.

Ron's issues with money were glossed over, as was the giant-racism stuff.

The scene with Alan Rickman cuffing Harry and Ron during study hall was hilarious.

It was okay.  I think it might have worked better as a two-parter or something.  So much was cut that there wasn't much depth.  Azkaban was a much better movie.

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