Sometimes Bookslut just makes me feel better about myself.

From Bookslut:

If you live in Austin and have hipster friends come visit, a really fun thing to do is to drive them around and point at arbitrary locations and claim that they somehow figured in a Linklater movie. "Hey, see that vacant shopping center over there? That's the parking lot from Dazed and Confused!"  Or "Hey, remember that scene in Waking Life where Ethan Hawke and the French woman were talking in bed, and it seemed profound at the time but later you realized it was actually kind of stupid? That's the fabric store where they bought the bedsheets for that scene!"

I hated Waking Life.  Everyone else seemed to love it so much and think it was sooooo deep and blah blah blah blah blah, but I thought it was just obnoxious. 

Of course, that opinion is based solely on the Ethan Hawke/French woman scene, because I just couldn't get past it.  I never did watch the rest of the movie, and I've always felt vaguely guilty about it.  Now I'm better.  Thanks, Bookslut!

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