Globe article about Lisa Crystal Carver.

Otherwise known as, the author of that book I want to read.  (Which is, I believe, on its merry way to me as I write this!  YEE-HAW!)

From The Boston Globe:

Her book coincides with the release of a DVD of the same title that includes visceral, sometimes disturbing, footage of her avant-garde band, Suckdog; operas staged with her then-husband, the French performance artist Jean Louis Costes; and recent film shorts made with friends. ''I think it's an awesome, entertaining hour of stuff," she says. ''I never see anything like this. And I know it has a real impact on people, because I played an old video one time at a party, and a good friend of mine sobbed and left, and it cleared the entire room. . . . And I just thought, you know, when was the last time there was a good room clearer? And I just thought that I should give this gift to the American public."