Date set for Da Vinci Code Trial.

From The Guardian:

Lawyers acting for Dan Brown, the world's highest-paid author, and the two men who claim he stole their ideas, met at the High Court in London yesterday to agree details of a trial scheduled to begin on February 27.

I don't know.  I think that enough people have tossed around the Jesus/Mary Magdalene idea that Dan Brown can't really be sued for using it.  It'd be like suing Josephine Tey for suggesting that Richard didn't do it.  (When she was still alive, I mean.)

Although, due to the anagram thing, it seems pretty clear that he used their book.  He should have at least credited them.  My verdict?  Guilty of being an ass, not a plagiarist.

(Oh, and speaking of The Daughter of Time--I've been making everyone and their mom check it out lately.  Maybe I have a subconscious desire to re-read it yet again.)

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