Acceleration -- Graham McNamee

For those of you that liked Nancy Werlin's The Killer's Cousin, I give you Graham McNamee's Acceleration:

This is a nightmare.

Working at the Toronto Transit Commission's lost and found.  Nine to five.  Monday to Friday.  A little slice of death, one day at a time.

For me it's a two-month sentence, July and August.  I wound have been happy bumming around till September, but Dad called in a favor to get me in here.  And at least I don't have to wear a uniform like my bud Wayne over at the Dairy Barn.  Wayne's planning to torch the thing on Labor Day (the uniform, not the Barn) before we head back for our last year of high school.

So I'm here under protest, a political prisoner of the capitalist overlord otherwise known as Dad.

During his term at the Lost and Found, Duncan finds a leather-bound journal that belongs to a would-be serial killer.  (Serial killer-in-training?  He's in the planning stages.)  For multiple reasons, Duncan decides that it would be a bad idea to pass the journal along to the police.  Action and suspense ensue.

Way fun, genuinely creepy.  And Canadian!