The Secret Life of a Boarding School Brat -- Amy Gordon

It's a bad, bad sign when you're reading a book and you just want it to be OVER so that you can move on to the next one.  You know?

Well, it's over now.  I can read something else now.

But doesn't it have a great cover?  That was what made me pick it up, even though I wasn't very impressed with Gordon's other book.  But everything that happened was just so obvious.  And Lydia yells too much. 

If you want to read a book that involves a reunion of older people due to a kid who also has a coming-of-age over the course of the book, read The Last Treasure instead.  If you want to read a book where the kid climbs something and refuses to come down until her demands are met, read The Outcasts of 19 Schuyler PlaceAnd if you want to read a book set in a boarding school, hell, read Harry Potter.