Vonnegut just keeps on trucking.

Am I completely insane?  Didn't Vonnegut say that Timequake was going to be his last book? 

Maybe he said last novel, rather than last book.  But I could have sworn that he said book--you know, so that he could concentrate on his art?  Does anyone else remember that?

Anyway, he has a new book out.  I guess that I can forgive him for going back on his word (if he actually did), because he appreciates librarians so much:

From USAToday (via Bookslut):

Librarians, too — "not famous for their physical strength" — who resist having books removed from shelves and refuse to give names of people who have checked out certain books in the era of the Patriot Act.

"The America I loved," he writes, "still exists in the front desks of public libraries."