Random things.

Don Adams died.  (Sorry, Briana.  If it makes you feel any better, he was 82).  For those of you that haven't ever seen Get Smart, you're totally missing out.

Finally bought the 6th season of Buffy--is it just me, or did that year start off on a much more campy note than in the past?  I know that it gets much darker, what with Tara dying and crazy, magic-addicted Willow and Buffy being pissed about being raised from the dead and all, but the first few episodes are pretty darned silly.  (But, of course, in a good way).

I finally got around to watching Secretary.  I thought it was, for the most part, a kind of sweet coming-of-age/love story.  (Except for that one part--James Spader, that was NOT okay!)  Does that make me a sicko?

I found a book that I NEED.  I must own it.  John Lurie is so cool.

Oh, and thanks a lot, Lauren.  I am now a Grow Cube addict.  I still can't make the ball do whatever it's supposed to do.  Either it rolls away or it gets stuck in the stupid tube.

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