Are We There Yet? -- David Levithan

David Levithan writes nice books.

That might sound lame, but it isn't.  I say it in the same spirit that I say that Joan Bauer writes nice books.

I like him.  Well, I don't know him, but I like his books.

This one is about Elijah (17) and Danny (23), the Silver brothers.  Very close when they were younger, in more recent years, they've grown apart.  Their parents decide to step in and give them a free trip to Italy.

Elijah is a dreamer, Danny is an up-and-coming advertising executive.  The book follows the brothers in alternating chapters, so as the reader, it's much easier to see the similarites between the boys than it is for the boys themselves.  Elijah meets, and becomes involved with, a girl named Julia.  Julia realizes that she's attracted to Danny.  But everything works out.  It's nice.

I'm making it sound much more simplistic than in actually is--like Realm of Possibility (which, I'm annoyed to say, didn't even get nominated for the Printz, which was robbery), there's a lot of depth here, even though it's a simple story.