The Brothers Grimm

Not the best Gilliam movie ever, but entertaining and fun.  I wasn't worried about Matt Damon's acting (I like him.  He won me over in The Talented Mr. Ripley, which was possibly the crappiest adaptation of a book ever but he was a decent Ripley (Except they gave him a conscience--what was that all about?  But I blame the director/producer/Hollywood execs for that.)  I will also say that the amazingly creepy Philip Seymour Hoffman was absolutely perfect in that movie and Jude Law was decent.  Other than that, yuck-o.  Crap-o-la.) but I was more concerned about Heath Ledger since I'd only ever seen him in two movies--10 Things I Hate about You, which was wonderful but Julia Stiles completely outshone him and the suckulous A Knight's Tale.  (Why?  Why would he go after the most boring character in the movie instead of the awesome blacksmith lady?  Dumb.)

Back to Grimm... sorry.  It was fun.  Creepy in bits, Jonathan Pryce was wonderful (not surprising), it was all very... Gilliam.  You'll see what I mean.

Three Kings:

Here's my only issue with this movie.  Netflix described it as a "dark comedy".  Now, I like comedies, and I love--LOVE--dark comedies.  This was not a dark comedy.  Any movie (spoiler warning) where three soldiers are trying to help a group of refugees over the border and the viewer is worried that the other soldiers are going to let them pass and then shoot them all in the back is not a comedy, dark or not.

The movie itself was good, though.  I've decided that I really, really like Mark Wahlberg.

The Magnificent Seven:

Yul Brynner.  Badass and kind of hot.  And I just need to say right now that I've kind of fallen in love with James Coburn.  He might have been the lankiest man ever.  I loved it.

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