No ma'am, she's a fictional character.

I just came close to having an argument with a patron that was asking about the Anne of Green Gables movies.

"So this is the first one?"

"Yes.  The first one is an adaptation the first book, Anne of Avonlea covers books 2-4 with some changes, and the third movie has all of the same actors and characters, but isn't really based on any of the books."

"So only the first one is the true story?"

"Well... no.  Anne Shirley is a fictional character."

"But the first movie is about the real Anne."

"The first movie is a very faithful adaptation of the first book, but Anne wasn't a real person."

"But I went to her house, where she lived."

"Right...  I know that PEI is full of Anne-stuff, since the book is set there and the movies were filmed there--maybe you went to the house that the movie was filmed in?"

"So this is the first movie?"