Strega -- Andrew Vachss

Leave it to Andrew Vachss to get me out of my (very short) reading slump.  I blazed through the rest of Strega last night, Xenosaga II be damned!

We meet Immaculata, who is fabulous.  I love her.  I loved the description of her introduction to Max, I loved the bits with Mama--she's just wonderful.  Wolfe (love her too) and Terry are also introduced.

I love books about revenge!  Revenge revenge revenge!

I do think that it dragged a bit in the middle.  But when they finally catch up with the bad guys, hoo boy.  Max is my hero.  As is Pansy, actually.  And I love the Mole.  Yep, basically the whole crew.  I love them the same way I love Dortmunder's crew.  Burke's crew is just far, far scarier.