A few thoughts on Johnny Depp and the Chocolate Factory.

I was somehow completely able to disconnect myself from my love of the original movie and really, really enjoy this one.

  • I had no idea that Christopher Lee was in it.  Rad.

  • Helena Bonham Carter is even gorgeous with bad teeth.  Not surprising, since she was gorgeous as an ape.

  • The new Charlie is a million times better than that horrible soppy blond kid in the first movie.

  • No "Cheer Up, Charlie"!  Hooray!

  • Violet's mother was SCARY.  As was the psychotic version of Mike Teevee.

  • Danny Elfman has apparently not written new music since, well, a long, long time ago.

    Regardless of the Danny Elfman problem, I'm really, really looking forward to The Corpse Bride.

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