I'm going to finally, finally have to break down and read In Cold Blood. Damn.

From The New York Times:

It would please Truman Capote no end that there will be not one, but two, movies memorializing his life this year and next. Not only do "Capote" and "Have You Heard?" pivot around his favorite topic - Truman Capote - but the films' convergence, with the promise of conflict, adds a promise of deliciousness that he would have happily tied on a napkin for.

The one I'm really jazzed to see is Capote--it stars Philip Seymour Hoffman, who, in my opinion, can do anything.  (Did you see him in The Talented Mr. Ripley?  The changes they made to the story really pissed me off, but Hoffman was so completely perfect that it was creepy.  And he was fab in a tiny role in Next Stop Wonderland).

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