I'd been meaning to mention that I thought the Narnia trailer looked really good, but...

That was before I found out about this (via Bookslut):

HarperCollins, which owns the rights, has 145 Narnia-related books to choose from. Some have been available for years, but with Hollywood coming into play, an additional 24 movie tie-ins have been added to the lineup.

I'm totally disgusted.

Those of you that worked at the Monkey:  Remember this rumor?  For those of you that didn't have the pleasure of slaving for Jorge El Curiouso:  There was a rumor that Diana Wynne Jones had been asked to write new Narnia books, and that she had refused.  (Which, if it was true, obviously only adds to her coolness factor.  The woman is supremely cool).

"A life-sized blowup" of Aslan?  GROSS.  It's so undignified.

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