Missing Susan -- Sharyn McCrumb


I usually start Sharyn McCrumb's book with high hopes.  This one especially, because it starred Elizabeth MacPherson, a forensic anthropologist (anyone who doesn't think forensic anthropology is really cool--you're wrong).  Unfortunately, as of yet, I've never really found EM to be a particularly engaging character.  But, at the beginning, there was a lot about Jack the Ripper.  So I thought it was going to focus on EM's take on the Ripper case.  Which would be really cool.

But no.  It didn't.

I guess my major problem is that the books always end up focusing more on the modern mystery-in-progress, rather than the unsolved mystery-in-the-past.  I should just re-read Daughter of Time.  Which isn't even forensic anthropology.  It's more like historical research.  But it's still much, much better.  But it isn't really fair to compare anyone to Josephine Tey.