Briana, tell Dad he was right.

I loved The Station Agent.  And it wasn't sad.  I didn't even cry once.

Oh, and can I just say that it drove me NUTS trying to figure out why I recognized the actress that played Emily?  I just looked her up.  She played Jen on Dawson's Creek.  How did I not remember that?  Oh, wait, because I've only seen the stupid show about five times.  And why is it a stupid show?  Because it, unlike The Station Agent, is a manipulative piece of junk that makes me cry every single time that I see it.  And why do people find Dawson so attractive?  Don't they realize that Dawson's head looks like a big rectangle?

[Edit: Later]  Oh, right.  I forgot--the whole point of mentioning the Emily character was that she was known as the "hottie" librarian.  Which was really cool.

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