Good Omens - Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett

Good omensNeil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett do the Apocalyse.

Yeah, yeah, I finally read Good Omens. I think that Neil Gaiman really tempered Terry Pratchett's usual outrageousness, which was why I ended up liking it so much more than any of Pratchett's solo books. Together, they actually really, really reminded me of Douglas Adams.

Terry Pratchett's finest creation is the character of Death. I love him. He's just so cool. I loved the scene where he was playing the trivia game with the biker gang.

I also loved the scene where the Satanic nun is trying to help the new father of the Antichrist (he doesn't know—there was a baby-switch) come up with a name:

"Have you picked a name for him yet?" said Sister Mary archly.

"Hmm?" said Mr. Young. "Oh. No, not really. If it was a girl it ould have been Lucinda after my mother. Or Germaine. That was Deirdre's choice."

"Wormwood's a nice name," said the nun, remembering her classics. "Or Damien. Damien's very popular."

There were so many references to The Omen that now I really want to watch it. Again.