Naked -- David Sedaris

Naked sedarisI'm still working on reading all of the Sedaris books. (We don't have all of them at my library, so I've been ILLing them, which takes time). This time around, I read Naked. Although I liked Me Talk Pretty Some Day more (probably because so much of it was about his childhood), I'm starting to think that most everything that this guy writes is worth reading. (Before anyone can say anything, I have Running with Scissors at home on my TBR pile. (For all of you non-nerds out there, that would be my To-Be-Read pile)).

I will say that this one made me laugh out loud more than MTPSD. The story "c.o.g."--where he's working at the apple packing plant--almost killed me. When he goes over to his co-worker's house for a beer, and is horribly surprised by what he finds:

Whatever Curly's theatrical fear, it could not begin to match my genuine horror as he opened the door to his bedroom, which served as a showplace for his vast collection of artifical penises. They hung from the walls, jutted from plaques, and stood upright, neatly spaced upon shelves and tabletops. Duplicated in wood, plastic, or fleshy rubber, what they had in common was their substantial size. Some were detailed to include veins and curly-haired testicles, while others existed as a minimal idea. Black or white, buffed aluminum or flesh-tone, electric or manual, the message was the same.

"So what do you think?" Curly said, lowering himself onto the waterbed.

"That's really some...bedspread you've got there, " I said, hoping to focus the attention toward the color scheme. "It's a orange, isn't it?"

I can't help it. I'm laughing again. The story "something for everyone", about working with Dupont, the black man who puts on the Uncle Tom act whenever the boss is around, and constantly tries to get David fired. The title story, about his week-long stay in a nudist colony. And, "a plague of tics", which was (yay!) another story about David's childhood.

Now I need to get a copy of Barrel Fever.